Negative Effect Of Gender Stereotype

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Study Purpose: The purpose in this study is very clear because it explains the conclusion that the researchers hope to find. The purpose was briefly stated in the abstract, and then in more details in the introduction. Therefore, the question that is being asked in this study is very relevant for the real world. The overall purpose of this study is to examine or proof the negative effects of gender stereotype in girls. The purpose has the potential to elaborate suggestions for future research. This study aim to assess children from 5 to 6 in novel and try hard games in order to demonstrates that girls’ intellectual abilities and interests in smart fields are affected by stereotype genders by the age of six. Additionally, it clearly…show more content…
However, generally, the research assumed that the readers understand gender stereotypes and the importance of their studies. Thus, there is no evidence about how frequent is this social problem affecting today world because researchers did not justify it statistically. Design: The design in this experiment was cross sectional and quasi experiment. The design was appropriate for the study because researchers want to understand the factors that influenced girls’ attitude toward novel activities. Thus, cross sectional study helps them to prove their predictions. In this study, there are four studies in total. In study one, researchers presented three tasks. In task one, researchers told a story about a really smart person without telling the gender, then asked what the gender of the protagonist was. In task two, they children pair different adults by guessing was really smart. In task three, children play a novel puzzle in which they have to give objects genders. In study two, researchers replicated study one. Study three, children were asked about their interest in really smart or try hard games. In study four, divide the groups according to the age, and asked for their interest in really smart games. Overall, the design was appropriate in order to obtain all the information at the same time, so they can proof their ideas. However, the sample did not represent the whole population because seventy five percent were white and middle class children. Thus,
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