Negative Effect Of Technology

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Over the years, technology has been pushed into the spotlight and it affects almost everyone in the world in some way, shape, or form. Obviously, the influence of technology has evolved over time and will continue to be relevant in the future due to the progression of technology. How is technology actually affecting future generations? Sure, technology helps society in many different ways, such as reconnecting friends,providing support and spreading awareness for important issues. But, technology also accounts for brain and mental health damage, weight gain, and a negative impact on school grades. Is there a way to truly know the impact of technology and is it
Whether it’s social media, television shows, or cell phones there, is a significant chance that a teenager has access to it. Believe or not, technology has a tremendous influence on the mental state of young adults. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study to examine the true effects of social media use. They concluded “Young adults with high SMU [social media use] seem to feel more socially isolated than their counterparts with lower SMU” (Primark 1). The results of the University of Pittsburgh study may also help explain Teens in today’s generation that are heavily dependent on technology such as social media also are affecting their brains. “Texting, using social media and rapidly switching among smartphone-based apps—with lower gray-matter volume in the brain’s anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), a region involved in emotion processing and decision making. More research has associated lower ACC volumes with depression and addiction disorder” (Heim 4). These research findings closely relate to the story of Connecticut teen Nina Langston. Nina tried to take her own life because of the toll social media took on her life. “I was spending a lot of time stalking models on Instagram, and I worried a lot about how I looked” (Langston qtd. in Heid 1). However, Nina’s story isn’t uncommon. Candice Odgers, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University sees a “rise in depression, especially among girls, and I understand why people are making these connections with new technologies” (Odgers qtd. in Heim 5). These findings are

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