Negative Effects Of Animal Testing On The Economy

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Animal tests are bad because they can kill animals that they test on. Animal test can be good to because they can really help us if we get some thing that is supposed to work.animal tests are bad really bad because they can kill the animals and hurt our economy; the test subjects could die and then they would have to quit testing to go get another test subject so they could continue testing and that hurts our economy.

Animal testing can be good and bad all at the same time. The bad part about it is that they have to hurt our economy by testing on so many animals. And they can really hurt our animals. The bad part about animal tests can hurt our economy and they can kill lots of animals.

More than 100 million animals suffer and die in the U.S. every year in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics tests as well as in medical training exercises and curiosity-driven medical experiments at universities. Animals also suffer and die in classroom biology experiments and dissection, even though modern non-animal tests have repeatedly been shown to have more educational value, save teachers time, and save schools money. Exact numbers aren't available because mice, rats, birds, and cold-blooded animals—who make up more than 99 percent of animals used in experiments—are not covered by even the minimal protections of the Animal Welfare Act and therefore go uncounted.
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taxpayers' money. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Toxicology Program, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are just a few of the government agencies that subject animals to crude, painful
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