Negative Effects Of Artificial Intelligence

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Machines and technology are included in our daily activities and lives. Artificial Intelligence is the ability machines and technologies have to copy human abilities and actions. Some examples of artificial intelligence examples would be Siri, Alexa, and robots. AI is potentially dangerous because they are taking over human abilities.
Although helpful, using Siri and Alexa can cause people a loss of creativity and thinking. People are turning off their creativity and self-thinking abilities by using Siri and Alexa during their daily routines. Siri is commonly asked questions and Alexa is requested to change the music. Instead of taking the time to think or to get up and change the music, we ask artificial intelligence to carry out the task. Over time, we will lose the gift of creativity and thinking if humans continue to overrate the existence, and abilities of machines and technology. Someone once stated that we have brains, and we should use them. If we as people do not use them, then our skills such as thinking, creativity, and speaking will dim. They create artificial intelligence error-free, while humans continually make errors. Errors are what creativity thrives on (Kuszewski).
There are several negative outcomes that will occur in human lives, if we continue relying on artificial intelligence. Humans will experience a loss in connections with socialization, affection, and feelings of accomplishment in human abilities. Socialization connections include how we learn
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