Negative Effects Of Bullying

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Also, when an individual is being bullied they be insecure about themselves all the time, and be scared to socialize with other individuals just because of their bully experience. Next, we have bystanders, those can be somebody related or not related to the person who is being bullied, but they know about it and instead of asking for help or try to stop it they would just watch and let it happen. Bystander shows that they agree with the bully and every negative action they do towards the victim. Based on this research, bullying is a form of behavior that is facing our families, community, schools and society today. To summarize, bullying ‘has a negative effect on everyone such as the target, the bully and the bystander who witnesses the bullying and anyone who is part of it’("Effects of Bullying").
Additionally, research shows that is fundamental for people to understand bullying. To illustrate, bullying can affect health that results in physical injury, emotional distress, eating disorder and even death. Young victims are at increased risk for depression, school adjustment, mental or physical growth and anxiety. Compared to youth who are only the victims, they can suffer the most consequences and are at greater risk for mental health and behavior problems. In addition, different factors can increase a kid risk of engaging or experiencing bullying. Some people might ask why is bullying a public health problem?. Bullying is more like a virus that is spreading and growing
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