Negative Effects Of Celebrity Endorsement

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Celebrity Endorsements and Their Effects on Consumer Purchasing Behavior
Keanna Rutledge
Delaware State University

Research shows that 25% of all

Celebrity Endorsements and Their Effects on Consumer Purchasing Behavior

On a television screen or a tabloid magazine celebrities extravagant lifestyle and attractiveness has extraordinary influence in the public eye. Their influence is extensive due to the constant spotlight that is placed upon them in the mainstream media. Celebrity refers to fame or public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups of people themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention (wikipedia). Their influence is perhaps greatest in the fashion industry. From the top grossing brands to the lowest, the endorsement of a celebrity can catapult their brand into the spotlight. Whatever they wear is recorded or photographed and then seen by fans who want their look. When consumers see a celebrity wearing a brand they are less apprehensive and scurry to purchase the item before it sells out. Celebrities endorsing other products has led to celebrity brands success.

Literature Review
Twenty-five percent of advertisements use celebrity endorsements because it is an effective marketing tool that increases brand recognition and purchase behavior (Spry 2009). The earliest celebrity endorsement dates back as far as the 1760’s. Chinaware, trading cards featuring actresses and cigarettes set
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