Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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Kyle Hurt Mrs. Rickman English 105 December 1st, 2017 The Bad Apple: Cell Phones and Their Effects on Users In recent years, cell phones and their usage have been becoming more and more widespread. When they were first invented, they were the size of bricks with number pads with laughable portability. Within 20 years, this changed completely. What is known in 2017 as cell phones is night and day to what they were then. The idea of touch screens and that basically everyone would have them in their pocket was an alien concept. This change is in part due to their usefulness and practicality. They are very versatile, especially since they have evolved from simple rotary telephones into small, pocket-sized computers. The beauty of them are in this versatility, which is one of the main reasons for its explosion. Anyone can use them, from children looking for quick entertainment to teenagers looking to communicate with their friends, and even to businessmen wishing to conduct a meeting on the go. All of these factors contributed in the near exponential growth in the popularity of cell phones. Though, this growth does not come without controversy. A growing number of people believe that cell phones and their usage are linked to many health problems in people. The possible health concerns existed since cell phones began to become household objects, though the severity at which people believe they effect people varies. Many people believe that these devices potentially raise one’s

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