Negative Effects Of Cocaine

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How to ruin a life: do drugs. Specifically the drug cocaine, a stimulant that increases alertness, energy, and attention. Cocaine is a fine, white powder that people get high from. Creating this drug consists of mixing chemicals in with the drug. There are several ways the body can consume this drug; sniffing it, injection, inhalation, and oral injection. Primarily, this drug comes from leaves off of a coca bush in South America. Columbia produces about 90% of America’s cocaine. The United States is the world’s largest consumer of cocaine. For thousands of years cocaine has been used. In fact, the Incas’ used it over three thousand years ago to get their hearts racing and to increase their breathing speed because they lived high on the mountains- mountains tend to slow down breathing. They would chew on coca leaves, and get high from this. In Peru in the 1500s the people would use it during religious ceremonies to give off a stimulant effect. Countries all over the world used cocaine in medicines to treat patients. An interesting fact about cocaine is that Coca Cola, invented in 1886, actually contained a dose of cocaine- about 2.5 mg. This was sold as a headache cure and a stimulant. In 1903 most cocaine was removed from the drink, but not officially clean until 1927. Other names for cocaine include “coke, dust, line, rail, snow”. Some of its symptoms are composed of psychological and emotional changes in the drug user. People are influenced to think this illegal drug is

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