Negative Effects Of Conformity

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Jacqueline Gavrielova
Professor Bernstein
SSY 250

The Positive Side of Conformity Conformity is when a person is complacent to a set standard or list of rules, regardless of their own personal outlook, due to norms put in place by the society to which they belong or identify with. There is a lot found on the negative aspects to conforming, but there is a lot to say for its positive effects, as well. Conformity is essential in certain areas of life. Without conformity many things can quickly become chaotic. The government depends on a level of conformity, as well as smaller scale operations. Jobs of specific types demand conformity in relation to uniform which allows for division between employees and customers. There are less conflicts when people conform and that is evident in various facets of society. In private schools there is usually a guideline as to how students should dress. This can be put in place for religious reasons, but also for reasons that most people do not consider. A particular basis being peace among the student body. When people are given the freedom to wear what they want in school, it can create all sorts of issues. Students from more affluent homes can stir up jealousy from the students who do not have the same access to brand names and designer clothes.
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We conform far more frequently than we perceive, and it is actually necessary to our survival on many different platforms. Though there are highlighted negative contributions of conformity, there are also too many positive constituents that are made possible only as a result of that same notion. There are activists for animal rights, organization that help the poor, and countless of other groups that provide the world with enlightened proposals that would never have seen the light of day without the people that stand behind them, conforming to the ideas that the group
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