Negative Effects Of Eating Meat

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While copious amounts of vegans live full lives without eating any substance derived from animals, the human easily digests and absorbs meat, therefore their health may improve if they eat meat. The physical and social evolution of the human species shows a need for meat in the diet as the overall intelligence of the species has increased as a whole. There is a plethora positive effect of eating meat that masses of vegans ignore, to their eventual downfall. The amount of negative effects of avoiding meat is higher in number, including deficiencies and disorders. The human digestive system is built to be able to ingest meat and vegetables. There is an abundant amount of arguments proving that the human body is built to digest meat, the physical evolution is major.
An important point of argument between vegans and meat eater is physical evolution. The physical evolution of humans show the experts that people have evolved to have the systems needed to easily and efficiently digest food. As humans adapted their “ enzymes evolved to digest meat” (Smil) this digestive change “aided higher encephalization and better physical growth.” (Smil). The human body easily breaks down meat as a result of these enzymes, making it easier for the body and brain to grow. Without meat in the early human races diet, they “wouldn’t even have become human” (Kluger). The proteins found in meat made the human race more human than the previous species of early people. Meat provides “more calorie-rich
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