Negative Effects Of Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks are growing fast in the beverage industry with adolescents and young adults. Consumers believe they help obtain an energy boost, increase stamina, improve concentration, and even encourage weight loss. Not only do the benefits of energy drinks have positive effects but have many negative effects too. Energy drinks should not be consumed because they can cause health problems, unhealthy weight loss behaviors, eating disorders and poor body image even when paired with alcohol.
With the consumption of energy drinks those who partake in it are found to have a harder time with their own personal appearance. It may lead the consumer wanting to lose weight to make themselves feel better. The consumers believes that by drinking energy drinks they can help to suppress their appetite and start to lose weight. A study was conducted with 856 undergraduate students who completed the American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment II online in 2012 said that those who consume energy drinks were more likely to exercise to help lose weight. Those who partake in the energy drink diet might want to rethink the weight loss process. With the consumption of energy drinks they can lead to high blood pressure, tremors, and vomiting. Instead of losing weight you are obtaining other health risks and those health risks could be changed in you chose a healthier way to lose weight. Caffeine has been used to help people with weight loss but can also cause
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