Negative Effects Of Foster Care

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A great deal of personas have realized how Foster Care is affecting the nation. There have been many attempts to fix the problems, some have failed and some have been successful. Out of all of the attempts, the programs Kinship Care and Foster Care to Success are a couple that have been successful. More than half of the children in Foster Care are placed with complete strangers, which has many negative effects. Kinship Care fixes this delima by changing the type of placement for them. Kinship care is the care of children by a relative, or in some cases a close family friend ("Kinship Caregivers"). This includes aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents who are the most common. 104,000 kids lives in Kinship foster care, meaning they live with relatives instead of foster homes ("Kinship"). Kinship placement can occur in different ways. There is informal, which is a private arrangement between parents and related caregivers. Usually in these cases Child Welfare is not involved and legal custody of the children stay with the parents. Formal Kinship is when the children are in legal custody of the state and the Child Welfare Agency places them with a Kin. This is almost identical to how the Foster Care system works except the children are not placed with random foster parents, but with family. In this situation the relative will most likely have to become certified/approved by the state, similar to a foster parent. During Formal Kinship the states have the right to take the children away and put them in foster care if the caregiver is not following state orders. The last option of kinship care is Voluntary. In the time of a Voluntary Kinship care the Child Welfare Agency is involved but have limited contact. Even though the Welfare Agency is involved, the state has no legal custody of the child ("Kinship Caregivers"). All of these types of Kinships are different, but they all have one purpose. Each type of care is available anywhere, and want to provide children with safe homes where they live with their families. There are a majority of people who don’t know what Kinship is or how long it has been around. Kinship families are everywhere. Infact, twenty seven states have laws that encourage the placement with a
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