Negative Effects Of Genending Machine Foods

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FAST FOOD HAS MARGINALIZED OUR SCHOOLS Many times we forget about their nutrition which leads them to take bad nutritional choices can lead to diseases. Vending machines are bad for our children health in “vending machine foods: evaluation of nutritional composition by Raposo it mentions that “The findings suggest that vending machine foods contain more fat/saturated fat, calories and sodium than recommended” (448). As you can see many of our students buy fast food in the vending machines. I remember that when I was in junior high there was a little store in which you could buy chips and candies, but when I went to high school there was a lot of vending machines and also in the cafeteria when you grab lunch they will also have chips, sodas, and other things. Even though there were times that I bought chip or sodas but I was concern that it was bad for my health. In the article by Raposo it mentions that “ We must take into account that vending machines increasingly grow in number, become more prevalent and available, thus they supply daily energy intake to more and more individuals. So, it is important to accurately assess and monitor the nutritive value of vending machine products”(450). As we all know,vending machines expand real quickly,even in our schools. Every single student is marginalized as Young’s states that “marginalization raises basic structural issues of justice, in particular concerning the appropriateness of a connection between participation in
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