Negative Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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“The US population is increasing at a rapid rate of 2.1 million per year” and with it, are many issues that plague the world. Because of overpopulation, scientists have had to increase the production of food and materials. These processes have affected the environment and caused global warming. Global warming is when the overall temperature of earth’s atmosphere increases slowly, typically because of the greenhouse effect caused by the rising level of carbon dioxide gases in the air and other pollutants. Some examples of carbon dioxide gases are fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. Global warming has a negative effect on the environment because there are many environmental changes, vegetation’s growth is debilitated, animals are highly affected or becoming extinct, and humans health is in danger.
The environment faces many changes due to global warming. For example, in California the soil, trees, and grasses dried out. Precipitation patterns and rising temperatures are starting to change where the plants grow. The formation of water in the oceans change because carbon dioxide gases mix with the water and the big sheets of ice that cover land in Antarctica and Greenland happened to melt. This ice is sliding off the land and falling into the oceans. Changes in weather affect waters rapidly because the water temperatures increase and become warmer than they should be. There is a increase in the possibility of storms, droughts, and floods occurring around the world. In order
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