Negative Effects Of Heavy Metal

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How many times have you heard, music is the voice of the soul? Music has always been a universal common attribute among teens across the world. Music of any genre has a way of making some people feel alive, happy, sad, or in this case, suicidal. Heavy metal, in particular, in the 1980s had deadly consequences among teens that have listened then inversely committed suicide. Heavy metal music seemed to have a negative impact on the purpose of which the music is intended, its popularity among teens, and the physiological issues related to the suicidal risk of certain listeners.

It is debatable that heavy metal sole purpose is to celebrate a newfound feeling of teenage rebellion and sexuality, providing them with an escape from the realities of the world. While according to Susan Barbieri's article in the Orlando Sentinel, some may argue that heavy metal instills imagery and anger that play on fears about Satanism, drugs, sex, and violence. Heavy metal derived from the subculture of Hard Rock, consisting of hypersonic drum patterns, screeching electric guitar cords, with loud and often distorted grunts with subliminal lyrics. It is referenced that heavy metal has ties to a lot of death, the occult, and Nazi symbolism associated with metal bands (Babieri par. 11). While some metal music can have a positive self-identifying effect, most metal music songs are written to promote outward violence and morbid messages that tend to sway listeners to tap into their violent nature.
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