Negative Effects Of Hook Up Culture

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Negative Effects of Hook Up Culture Sharp did research and found that some people look at college as an “alcohol filled bacchanalian orgy”, thinking that the only thing on students’ minds is who they are going to be having sex with next. In fact, pop culture and the media often represent “hookups” as a central part of the college experience. The term hook-up culture refers to college students having one night stands and casual sex outside of clearly defined relationships or commitments and often implies a lack of emotional connection or lack of genuine romantic feelings for one’s partners. Hooking up can also mean kissing or groping. About twenty-five percent of college students will never hookup in college, thirty percent will hook up three times or less, another thirty percent will hook up four to nine times, and about fifteen percent will hook up ten or more times. Although some young people do still prefer steady relationships, others enjoy the excitement and freedom of sex with new partners or even strangers. Even those not willing to have sex with strangers or one-night stands often do engage in “friends with benefits”—a relationship where two people only have a physical relationship with no emotional attachments or no expectations for a committed romantic relationship. Paul A. Mongeau, Kendra Knight, Jade Williams, Jennifer Eden and Christina Shaw Did some research and found out there were seven types of friends with benefits (true friends, network opportunism, just
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