Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones

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Our way of living is revolutionized by technology. And especially mobile and digital technology has caused big changes in our work, social interaction and entertainment. If we this from the perspective of General Aggression Model (GAM; Anderson Bushman 2002) such then these situational and individual changes caused by the advancement towards mobile and digital technology can have various emotional, physiological and behavioral outcomes. According to statistics 4.77 billion people are using mobile phones in the world. If we see this from the perspective of Bandura’s Theory of Social Learning which says that people learn from one another through observation, this number is going to increase because kids are also observing the adults and are likely to adopt the trend by using mobile phones and digital technology and very young age Increased use of mobile phones and digital technology can cause many mental and physical health problems some of which are given below: 1. Cancer- and blood-brain barrier-related effects There is a possible role of mobile phones in development of brain cancer and increasing the permeability of brain-brain barrier. (Leszczynski, 2002) 2. Headache and Sleep disorders Many health problems are associated with long term exposure to mobile phones emission, incoming and / or outgoing calls and length of calls per day. The overall mean percentage for these clinical findings in all groups was headache (21.65%), sleep disturbance (4.03%), tension (3.87%),
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