Negative Effects Of Overdependence On Technology

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Overdependence on technology can affect me negatively, but I still feel glad to live in a technology-based society because technology allows me to communicate overseas with my parents. As time progresses, technology is becoming more advanced and is improving my lives. It enhances my lives by allowing me to communicate with others without concerning how far we are apart. Most importantly, different kinds of technology have various applications, which also known as “apps”, to let me download and stay in touch with my friends and family. However, as everyone owns smart phones and computers, critics such as Nicholas Carr, argues the negative impacts that technology can bring to society. Technology such as smart phones helps me to communicate with my parents quicker and easier. Four years ago, I moved to America by myself to continue my high school education. After I moved to America, I began to worry about communicating with my parents. This is because my parents live in Hong Kong and it is far away from America. If my parents want to visit me, they will need to take a plane and travel 16 hours to come here. Therefore, seeing my parents face-to-face and talking with them is extremely challenging. Luckily, I have a smartphone that permits me to download free apps such as WhatsApp and Skype. The biggest advantage of these apps is they enable me to maintain an evening routine of video chatting with my parents even though we are apart. I usually chat with them in the evening
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