Negative Effects Of Pollution

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Pollution is a serious global issue that has occurred for as long as humans have inhabited the planet. There are several different varieties of pollution, as well as an abundance of materials, both natural and synthetic, that the earth is contaminated with. Shifrin (2005) states: “To date, wastes remain a fact of life and there are only three places to dispose of wastes-air, water, or land. Waste management always involves tradeoffs” (p. 676). Even though Shifrin is correct in his analysis, it does not excuse the amount of environmental poison that continues to exist today, nor the amount of environmental problems that it has caused throughout history. The “tradeoffs” of pollution have devastated entire communities, causing waves of…show more content…
952). Low-density polyethylene is very thin and stretchy, while high-density polyethylene is stiffer, more durable and has a higher melting point than its low-density counterpart. Both of these types of polyethylene are used to create many different items of plastic, including pipes, toys, and the one that consumers use every day in grocery stores: the plastic bag.

Issue of Concern

Plastic bags can be found by the hundreds in stores all across the country and in many parts of the world, but what exactly is a plastic bag? According to Rujnic-Sokele and Baric (2014): “A plastic shopping bag is a polymer carry bag provided or utilised at the retail point of sale for carrying and transporting retail goods and which is only
ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT FOR POLLUTION 3 intended for one way use” (p. 41). Therein lies the concern: while they are convenient because of their lightness and durability, when the consumer no longer has need of them, they are cast aside without a second thought. Littering is very common, and many individuals simply don’t care that they aren’t being good stewards of the earth; this in turn can have a disastrous impact on the environment as it can lead to potential cases of large-scale buildup in an emergency situation. In an article on plastic waste in the country of Jordan, M. Saidan, H. Saidan and Ansour (2017) reveal:
In 2012 Amman’s tunnels and streets were flooded by rainfall water within a few
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