Negative Effects Of Popular Music

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STUDENT ID # 8345005 What makes children abusive ? Is it the lyrics of the music ? Is music really the target for children and teens behavior ? In my opinion yes! Lyrics today in popular music glorifies the wrong thing to promote the selling of their music . In the society we live in today kids and teens are being influenced and guided by the wrong path of the choices of music they listen to such as hard core rap for example. Artists of popular music doesn’t put their focus on younger children their focus is to those who are attracted by the music. It is important for parents to be aware of what’s playing in kids earphones because music have many aspects and effects whether it’s in a negative or positive way ..sadly the negative out weight the positive in the music industry. Children and teens have Idols , Role models,People who they wish to be and most of the time it’s celebrities. Lyrics of popular music is harmful to the youths development by mentioning sexual behavior, substance abuse and aggression and many more obstacles that’s part of music. The first reason why lyrics of popular music is harmful to teens and children because it have inappropriate content in the song . According Varda Epstein lyrics written by men and artist by color where most likely to include sex references . This shows that men and younger boys have an effect on how to treat females . The author states that “parents don't know that sexualized lyrics are a growing trend “ ( epstein 1 ) . Parents are unaware that lyrics in sexualized songs is played everywhere . Lyrics in music can be degrading to women not all music but most music . Music can be degrading to women in many different ways such as the looks of sexual appeal and sexual tension that can increase early sex for teens . Sexualized lyrics can increase early sex for the youth . Exposure to lots of sexually degrading music gives a specific message about sex ( press.1) . Sex is more explicit in lyrics with detailed doings of the wrong . In the article “teens will try to deny and say it's not the music but it is the music” ( press 1. ) . Teens will not admit that music controls their sexual behavior based off what they listen to . Children and teens are
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