Negative Effects Of Slavery

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Europeans found the Americas or the New land in during 1492. Then the Europeans began to colonize, this led to the need for workers to build cities, farm, and other things. These workers were slaves from Africa that were forced into labor form losing a war or being conquered. During the 1550s to 1850s African Slavery was building the new world, slavery had catastrophic effects on the Native Americans and the Africans that were forced to sail the Atlantic Ocean and work for Europeans in the New World.
The African slaves were used instead of the Natives and Indentured servants because of one thing Africans lived. Indentured servants were from Europe and were used to cold and the European diseases, therefore they couldn't survive the tropical diseases in Cuba and South America.Natives were not used since they died from the disease the Europeans had brought with them since they had not been exposed to them before. Africans were used because they knew how to farm, Natives didn’t and indentured servants knew also. Natives could have escaped capture from Europeans because they knew the land. Africans didn’t plus their skin color sets them apart from the terrain.
Africans arrived at the Americas by boat, this ride was (look up miles long) from Portugal, Britain, etc. to the Americas. The trade ships would use the slave portion of the triangular trade route, this route would also have other goods moving to England and other places. During the boat ride from Africa to the Americas,
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