Negative Effects Of Social Class

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There are various stratifications or differences in our life, such as, cultures, religions, ages, experiences, and social classes. But most of all, social class affects the way we think about life. Because most people compare or judge the social class with other people and how the other half live. Also, according to age and social class, women live different style of living and it affect mood in their life. If social class is high-class, women’s life seems like rich and happiness. Also, young age of women seems like more active in their group. On the other hand, old age of women has small range of behavior and despondency in their life. Also, if social class is lower class, it pressure women’s life negatively. For that reason, when woman…show more content…
In The Hollywood Reporter, “Sunny: Movie Review,” Maggie Lee insisted that seven girls clash with other gangs because they are wickedly funny, however, their friendship is wonderful because they spend the time and moment together. Therefore, young women have very active and not passive in society. Moreover, young women reveal their strong ambition and they can say anything in society because they are still young. Young women have not much high social standing; however, they care about social standing gradually because they expose the chance to rise in social standing. Young women have more chance to get into the world and they have possible to show ability in society. On the contrary, old women have some limits and restrictions on their proposal. For that reason, old women have a pressure from a social influence. In fact, people think old women that consider as second-class citizen and there is some discrimination. In the film, The Bacchus Lady, the protagonist is an old woman and she has not much active in society. It shows that there is still a grim sector in society where old woman is hard to live alone. There is still destitute and neglected to old women in our society. Old women’s life is pitiful and they live in dire poverty. In the film, the protagonist sells sex and it shows thoroughly miserable life as an old woman. In BBC NEWS, “The Korean Grandmothers Who Sell Sex,” Lucy Williamson
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