Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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The privilege of technology that we are accustomed to today is beyond amazing. Whether one is using a computer, or an iphone, the amount of options and creativity is endless. These ideas were designed for good intentions, but unfortunately that is not what it has come to be. The power spread from social media into the hands of young adults and teens is something to be concerned about. Students and teens may not think what they say on social media matters, but it truly does. College denial, lack of finding work, and social depression and anxiety are the three most important negative effects of social media use. “12% of college admission applicants were rejected because of what the college saw on social media.” No matter what one…show more content…
The reality is that they won't if they come across badly on social networks.” Whether one has had their dream job in mind for a while, or just found out what they wanted to be, the reality that they get to fulfill this goal is very slim to none with improper social media posts on their list. Social anxiety and depression caused by social media all stimulate from websites and apps that are irrelavant to everyday life. “The analysis showed that people who reported using the most platforms (seven to 11) had more than three times the risk of depression and anxiety.” One can conceive this type of jealousy simply by viewing the pages of others. This could later lead to depression and lack of self confidence in oneself, which causes many problems in the future. Not only can this kind of depression affect one’s life on the internet, but it could easily affect the life they may portray as a person. One simple post, comment, or share on the internet could ruin that adult or teen. It does not matter how long ago the incident was, or how serious it was meant, one poor decision on the internet and that person’s future in any category could be in jeopardy. The regret one may receive from what seemed to be a very simple and harmless act on the internet could be enormous. Whether one is planning on going to college, acquiring a job, or just simply living a stable life, never let the cause of social media
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