Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Many people see Social Media as the world’s greatest invention while others see it as the world’s worst invention. , but which one is it? Is Social Media really important or is it just there for people to use? People do not tend to see the danger hidden beneath the Posts, the blogs, and the pictures everyone shares. Families destroyed others reunited due to the effects of social media. Friends, Boyfriends, and Girlfriends all in a big war at some point fighting with one another about who saw who doing what, who posted what, if the another one liked or did something that they were not supposed to do. Social Media has positive and negative effects to our society. First of all, a positive thing Social Media effects is education. Social media effects education as far as how people receive and view the material that is being presented. Social Media helps everyone to expand their mind even more with information that no one has ever heard or even learned about. In her article “7 Ways Social Media Has a Role in Education,” Nielsen states “Social media allows you to change the paradigm from “teacher” as expert to “group” as expert. People become more informed on things that they happen to have doubts about. For example, say someone heard about a new toy that was invented just last night everyone wants to go and buy this new toy but no one necessarily knows what is so good about this new toy. That is where social media comes along and helps the media allows us to be informed with
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