Negative Effects Of Social Media

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The ability to purposely manufacture a degrading, nasty, demeaning or insulting anonymous post or comment with surprisingly little consequences on virtually any and every platform (news sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) on the internet is possibly the worst social problem anyone can experience in social media technology today. There are so many negative and mean-spirited words, mostly categorized as “bullying”, written from behind the anonymity of a keyboard or touchpad. This type of on-line harassment is everywhere and decency in words seems to be on a fast-downward spiral on the internet.
What makes the impact of harassment and cyberbullying significant to our society is that the far-reaching potential audience includes anyone of any age, anywhere on the earth, at any time, who can simply be logged on to the internet. As well, the most harmful consequences of cyberbullying can be especially frightening and damaging for young children and teenagers, and at times tragically ends in the perpetration of violence and suicide.
Astonishingly, there seems to be little government regulation of social media harassment and technology companies are at best “self-policing” if they even make an attempt to monitor content in their comment sections. This paper will focus mainly on the area of unabated comment ability on the internet, the negative societal changes that have occurred as the result of social media technology platforms.
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