Negative Effects Of Social Media

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What is Social Media? As stated on, social media is “websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts”. There are a huge variety of social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, and YouTube. As our technology gets more and more advanced and new devices come out, social media itself is growing as well. Because of the growth of social media, our lives are being effected every single day by it. These effects in our lives are not all positive, but they are not all negative either. In today’s world, social media has now started to affect our everyday lives. People no longer watch the news or read the…show more content…
Certain news stations use websites like Facebook to live stream a press conference or police chase as it is happening, which is useful to people who will be traveling or who are trying to keep up to date, but don’t have current access to a television. Social media also allows for the open expression of your views. This allows others to see your opinion and share their similar ideas with you, or even express their opposing views. Along with these positives, comes the negatives. If you go to a classroom and watch from the back, you’ll notice how many students are using their cell phones when the professor isn’t looking, or who are using it out in the open without any care. This not only causes a distraction for themselves, but to others as well. This is not the only time that social media can be causing a distraction either. While doing homework or studying, students tend to easily get bored. Their fix to this is to take a break and get on social media. While a break can be good occasionally after long periods of studying, sometimes, they may not return to their studying after picking up their phone.
Social Media’s Effect on Political Thinking There isn’t really a part of our lives that social media doesn’t at least touch. When it comes to politics, social media can have a huge effect. No matter how into politics someone is, social media sites can have a huge impact on a person’s views about a specific candidate or member. Someone who can have no information at

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