Negative Effects Of Social Media On Body Image

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Approximately 14 million U.S. teenage girls don’t like how they look. The number of women who feel confident in their bodies is dwindling quickly and is being fueled by edited pictures they are comparing themselves to on social media. The Time magazine article “How Social Media Is a Toxic Mirror” by Rachel Simmons tells of the risk for everyone to feel self-conscious about their bodies. However, those most at risk are teenage girls who spend a significant amount of time on any form of social media. In response to the article, I agree with the negative effects social media has on the body image of teenage girls because I have seen girls trying to change their bodies. I also see the effects logos and pathos have on the strength of the article and what would make it a stronger and more credible source for information on teen body image.

The ever evolving social media platforms are constantly allowing teens the opportunities to compare themselves to unrealistic versions of the human figure. Apps that can airbrush everything from waist lines to teeth provide unrealistic comparison. Teenage girls who spend nine and a half hours a day on some sort of technology with access to social media are having a harder and harder time separating the ways their body should look and the way media thinks they should look. The article expresses concern for the rate of which sources of comparisons for teenage girls’ bodies are multiplying. Celebrities are no longer the only source of
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