Negative Effects Of Social Media On Children

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Negative Effects of Social Media and Children Technology has become very popular with children; more adults are minimizing the age in which they are supplying their children with technological devices such as smartphones. As parents, we feel by giving children such technology at an early age that we are essentially providing an advantage when in fact we are doing the opposite. Exposing your children to technology at such an early age and they have access to social media makes them prone to health issues, social issues, and most importantly dangers that could lead to death. Social media opens the doors to communication to people that a child probably would not speak to in real life. Predators can disguise themselves as children to chat, exchange pictures, and learn information about your child. Sometimes, the predators may even try to meet your child to hurt them or even learn their whereabouts to kidnap them. Different options on smartphones such as GPS gives your child’s location making it easier for predators to find their prey. In real life, your children may not speak to strangers but on social media and the internet, they are probably more naïve and trustful. Social media also exposes your child to cyberbullying from classmates and sometimes people they do not even know. Many children have experienced some form of cyberbullying. Cyberbullies may say meaner things through the computer or phone than what they would speak to in direct contact because most comments are
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