Negative Effects Of Social Media On Students

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Paragraph 1: Social Media’s effects on students. I chose this topic, because I know what it’s like to start a homework assignment and in less than 5 minutes pick up my phone and hop on Instagram, because of my fear of missing out (FOMO). I end up wasting valuable time on checking to see what everyone else is doing every couple minutes and wonder why I get a low grade on an assignment. I wanted to see if and how much social media and FoMO affects student’s behavior and motivation and in turn damages their GPA. I want people to become more aware of how much time they actually spend studying versus studying 50% of the time and then being on your phone the rest of the time. Therefore, they can manage their time wisely and maybe even turn off their phone while trying to get work done. In order to find confirm this I would need to find out what student’s GPAs were like a couple decades ago before the invention of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to compare to student’s GPAs with the invention of social media around. I would also have to understand a student’s perspective on why they spend so much time on social media by asking a couple of questions on a survey. Paragraph 2: Researchers (Roque Neto, Golz, Polega) asked different age groups about how social media effects their loneliness and therefore has a negative effect on their GPA. To find out if there is a strong correlation between social media and academic achievements researchers conducted a survey consisting of 268
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