Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Most peers don’t like to agree on the fact that social media has one of the most negative effects on young teenagers. Social media enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Often times parents usually worry about how exposure on technology will have on teens. Most of the time social media has a negative effect on teens. Most of us can be blind to the fact that social media has taken a huge chunk of our actual life, not knowing how these effects can hurt us. In fact, social media has become so conveniently accessible to young teenagers that often times it promotes: cyber bulling, mental illnesses, suicide, and also lowering the self-esteem of teenagers.
Social media encourages cyberbullying because it has gotten so much easier to actually be cruel online. “Kids text all sorts of things that you would never in a million years contemplate saying to anyone’s face,” says Dr. Donna Wick, a clinical and developmental psychologist.
Many teens send around 60 text messages a day and spend countless of hours on social media apps. This is an easy access to make fun of kids without parents knowing. This causes a lot of problems because “The Harford county examiner reports that 1 to 10 kids that are cyberbullied do not tell their parents.” If they are being bullied online who can they turn to when they are already afraid and scared to tell their own parents. Reason why most teens don’t tell their own parents is because they are afraid that their parents and teachers won’t allow them to have their electronic devices anymore. Another reason why teens don’t tell their parents is because they
Sahi 1 often times feel ashamed, feel like the bully would retaliate, don’t want to be labeled as a snitch, and sometimes having a feeling like they somehow deserve it.
According to the Bullying Suicide Statistics about “20 percent of teens that are cyber bullied think suicide.” On January 12, 2012 Amanda Diane Cummings a 15-year-old from
Staten Island, jumped in front of a bus. She carried a note on her that stated that classmates were constantly teasing her and were stealing her personal belongings. While she recovered in the hospital classmates posted cruel comments on her
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