Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social Networking sites have become increasingly more popular in the last decade. This study was addressing the negative psychological consequences from heavy social networking in adolescents. Since technologies are evolving and having a connection to Internet in a portable device is common these days, this study wanted to determine the effects this can lead to. Teens and young adults are tested though a questionnaire in several different countries. The study mainly focused on FOMO as well as the just the general usage of the social networking sites (SNS). The research suggests that these social networking sites “serve as means to construct their social identities by allowing them to control their profiles in order to express their desired self-presentation“ (CITE, Page 52). This is not only a useful way of communication, but most of these networking sites allow for the teen to be their own identity without their parent supervising them. It is allowing the teens to have increased self-esteem and satisfaction of their need to belong if used in the proper way (CITE, Page 52). Findings also show people are not using SNS to be harmful or lead to negative consequences but instead are using them mainly for interacting with others, studying, and distraction, also low amounts for information seeking (CITE, Page 54). This shows that people are not trying to be left out or sit on their phone but instead are using them for several ways. Even though there might be beneficial uses to
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