Psychological Stress On Women Essay

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In a recent search of the negative effects of stress on women, researchers have taken a closer look at women who have multiple roles being working mothers, wives, students and or the employee. Shelley Coverman (1989) and Monika K. Sumra and Michael Schillaci (2015) researched the effects of stress on multiple role women both addressing how stress affects women’s health; both research concluded it is not multiple roles or role overload that causes stress. Multiple role women experience increased psychological stress when role satisfaction is decreased. Coverman (1989) conducted a quantitative research from data collected from the 1977 Quality of Employment Survey, only married respondents (N=1515) participated in the study of which there were 249 married women who completed the study. The respondents were asked to grade themselves on job satisfaction, marital satisfaction, and overall well being. Coverman research suggested “Satisfaction with various role domains (e.g., marriage and job) strongly influences the mental health and wellbeing of both men and women” (Coverman, 1989, p. 978).
Sumara and Schillaci conducted a quantitative study consisting of a small group non-random of women (N= 308) in North America to investigate the association between engagement in multiple roles and perceived stress and life satisfaction. Sumra and Schillaci concluded women with multiple roles did not subsequently suffer from higher levels of psychological stress; however, the quality of the
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