Negative Effects Of Stress

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According to a poll, about one in every four Americans (about sixty million people) have claimed to have encountered some stress this past month (Whyte n.p.). Sometimes, the intensity of stress causes anxiety or frustration. Which is why for the most part, stress is taken as a negative impact on an individual. Whether that stress comes from school, money, environment, work or all of them, everyone walks the same path of stress sometimes without even realizing it. Although many people perceive stress in a negative way, there’s some surprising benefits of stress that we are not aware of. It all comes down to the basic element of what stress is. Stress is an anticipated feeling someone gets when they get into any trouble or difficulty. The human body reacts physically to any stressor that comes across. For example, our body has two important systems that play a role — sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic system. The parasympathetic system is known as a “rest and digest” response in which hormones send adrenaline and other transmitters to your body. On the other hand, the sympathetic nervous system is known as a “fight or flight” response in which it uses that adrenaline in order to react quickly. Therefore, both these symptoms react to any stressor that can prepare the human body for anything that might come across, physically and mentally. (Grant n.p.) Stress can benefit us in many ways. For one, it can help humans increase their cognitive learning and
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