Negative Effects Of Substance Abuse

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Drugs and alcohol have been evident in each and every generation, throughout the history of the United States. For this reason, substances have overtaken the lives of many consumers. Substance Abuse, commonly known as drug abuse, is the consistent use of a drug in which users, consume substances in amounts, that can be harmful to the individual and his/her surroundings. These substances can be items such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, or even prescription drugs.( Wulffson 1) Substance Abuse is a major problem that impacts society on many levels. Regardless of whether you struggle with substance abuse, the emotional and financial impacts of this disorder stems and shoots out through communities, cities, and states rapidly. In the United States, Substance Abuse alone costs our nation more than $484 billion per year. The cost of Substance Abuse is spiraled from traffic accidents, healthcare costs, job loss, and even crime. (NIDA 1) “According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 21.8 million Americans age twelve years and older (8.7 percent of the population) used illicit drugs within one month of the survey.” (Wulffson 1) Many substances that have addictive properties, therefore the user becomes dependent upon the substance and eventually, extremely addicted to it. Almost : substance that is abused yields negative effects on the users and their community. Abusing substances can lead to various health problems. For example, tobacco is a
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