Negative Effects Of Technology

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Should parents be more aware of the technology their children are using? Children are learning to use technology at a younger age, and the younger they are the more adaptable their mind is. Technology forms the growing mind, but parents should be aware of what their child's mind is growing too. Teenagers use of technology and social media has been causing peer pressure, online violence, and cyberbullying, which are why some adults say it is ruining the childhood of many. The development of modern culture and technology is changing so rapidly that there are some disadvantages on childhood, although some people say it is a positive effect on children. So are the advancements of technology a positive or negative effect on children?
The world has become very reliant and absorbed in technology, it is no surprise that children today have become addicted as well (Kristina Hatch). Adults have begun to wonder whether or not this exposure to such a high amount of electronic media is a good thing or not (Kristina Hatch). Some individuals argue that children should not have technology every minute of the day (Kristina Hatch). Technology can interfere with sleep, encourage a short attention span, interfere with schoolwork, may cut into family time, expose kids to advertising and inappropriate content, and cause health related issues (Katherine Lee). In the past 20 years the obesity rate has tripled in obesity, likely linked to the use of technology (Katherine Lee). Obesity is not the

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