Negative Effects Of Technology On Cell Phones

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With the growth of new technology, society is becoming too dependent on cell phones. Although communication and information may be important over a screen, it may take away from interaction in society. Overuse can cause negative side effects when it is not available as well as take away the overall experience of life itself. Cellular technology has contributed to negative and positive factors. It is best to view each side and understand how to best use it for a healthy lifestyle.
To begin with, skills such as oral communication and face to face conversations are crucial to success and understanding how to interact in society today. With the overwhelming amount of young people over using their phones, face to face communication might be
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Given these points, they strongly correlate with how they reveal the dependence on cell phones and that they contribute to psychological effects in the most unwilling and detrimental ways.
Lastly, cell phones can take away experiencing life. Getting outside and going beyond a screen can be seen almost as therapy for people who get everything out of their phone. Breathing fresh air, going on a trip, being with the people who love you most can be a life changer and can present how much life has to offer without depending on technology. Mentally taking a break from cellular technology and social media included can bring down levels of stress and can help an individual connect with who they are as well others. Ultimately, everyone should take a break from their phones and screens to really see beyond the painted picture. It’s importance truly shows how generations change with times continuance.
Given these points, cellular devices have also contributed to some of the easiest accessible information and communication ever possible. Cell phones have enriched international communication and access to information revolutionizing the way humans are able to interact. Cell phones allow conversations to be taken through text and over the phone providing easier access to communication without the need to be face to face. Information can also be accessed efficiently without
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