Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

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The effects technology has on children and how they interact

Technology has been around forever, so it seems. People all around the world can be found with some form of smart device in their hand. Since the development of smart phones and video games a controversy has arisen. Technology has led to many wonderful advancement of the modern age and is benefiting people everywhere, but is it really that great? Technology has a negative effect on children and adolescents. Technology is having a negative impact on the way children are learning in schools today. Today’s children are becoming more and more independent on technology in schools to help do work or to find entertainment whilst they are supposed to be learning. Based on recent studies, doctors are noticing that more and more children are beginning to have learning disorders, such as anxiety, autism, unintelligible speech all because of the overuse of technology(Rowan). Most children of all ages can be seen with some kind of smart device in their hands like phones and tablets. When a child is set in front of a device such as those it can lead the child to have a slower speech rate because of the way they affect the brain. When someone uses technology, it can cause the brain to develop slower because the brain is given nothing to focus on, its just a bunch of colors and shapes that the brain are trying to sort through and classify. Studies have also noticed that when a student uses books or paper materials over
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