Negative Effects Of Technology On Society By Nables Reynoldsburg

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Negative Effects of Technology on Society by Nables Reynoldsburg
Critical Analysis

There is no doubt that technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Effect of technology can be seen on society as well. However, whether the effect of technology on society is always positive has always been a controversial issue which has been mentioned by a number of writers. In the article “Negative Effects of Technology on Society”, Nables Reynoldsburg describes several negative effects that technology has on our society. His argument about how young generation uses technology to act as if they are successful is not supported enough to convince readers. However, the author shows his claim about the danger of internet in a very persuasive way.
From the point of view of Nables Reynoldsburg, people have accepted technology too readily without considering the disadvantages of it. Currently, people can see each other and learn each other’s opinions easily whenever they want with the help of technology. However, in the past it was not possible. Therefore, Reynoldsburg believes that
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By using Google’s privacy policy and quoting Bill Gates, Reynoldsburg effectively persuades readers that internet safety is a great issue for a society. From the perspective of Reynoldsburg, we should not trust technology for our economy since it becomes more difficult to protect our economy as it “becomes more dependent on bits than atoms”. This claim of the author can be supported by 2017 Internet Security Threat Report published by Symantec (2017). According to the report, $3 billion was lost in the last three years through email scams sent to over 400 companies every day. Moreover, since “information technologies play an important role in the process of globalization.” (Kraidy, 2002), it is likely that some cultures will disappear because of
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