Negative Effects Of Technology On The Way We Think And Process Information

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Technology Has Negative Effects on the Way We Think and Process Information Technology negatively effects the way our brains process information. In Jeffery Sachs “A Nation of Vidiots,” Sachs states that many neuroscientist believe that “TV is rewiring heavy viewers’ brains and impairing their cognitive capacities.” (113) In his writing, he describes how reliance on TV has impaired our ability to think critically and become engaged in conversation. The less we use our minds to analyze and think about topics, the harder it becomes to engage in deep thought for a long period of time. Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” lists a few examples of people they know, who now find it hard to focus on a text for a long amount of time. (96) These people, Carr stated, used to be avid readers themselves, but after relying on Google and internet searches for a long amount of time, find it difficult to become immersed in a book or article like they used to. Having answers handed to us through internet sources hurts our attention spans. Where at one time a person had to spend hours searching a library and looking through books, they can now just type their topic into an internet browser and get instant results. Because of how little time it takes to look for and find things, our attention spans have been tailored for instant gratification. People are finding it harder to focus on one topic or situation for an extended amount of time, as is shown in Carr’s work. Becoming used to quick gratification can hurt a person’s ability to think critically about a topic, because they no longer have a reason to reread or think deeper about the text that they are analyzing. The reliance on quick results can also harm students in their studies. Some teachers teach through lectures and presentations. This can often be a good thing, because it gives the students the chance to hear the information, and ask questions about topics that may be unclear to them. However, if a student’s attention span has been shortened, they may find it hard to listen and pay attention to the lecture. Because they have become so used to just typing in their question and getting results, their minds are no longer wired to break down and analyze the

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