Negative Effects Of Technology

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When was the last time you went a day without turning on the TV, working on the computer, or looking at your phone? I doubt many could honestly say they have gone more than one day without using technology. A little girl and her mom walked into Verizon, and the little eight year old instantly ran around the store looking at all the phones. “Mommy, this one is so big; can I have it, and what about this one?” screams the little girl. In today’s world, technology is flourishing and growing, and we live by it. Whether it is fighting to get the newest iPhone or purchasing a sixty-six inch TV screen, people cannot imagine life without technology and rely on it to do almost everything. However, technology can cause a loss of privacy, and today, Americans even lose individuality. Society and all its technological advances has a negative impact on today’s culture.

Granted, technology is fast; through your mobile devices, you can do almost anything. From watching Netflix on your phone to asking Google whatever question you have, people have begun to rely more on technology than anything or anyone else than ever before. Technological advances have even helped the medical field in order to find cures for many diseases and sicknesses. However, I believe society has put too much emphasis on the fastness of technology and has created a lack of patience if technology is slow or malfunctions. For example, our school’s internet and cellular service has had a history of being slow and

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