Negative Effects Of Technology

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According to Libby Larsen, the great myth of our times is that technology is communication. Technology has become a big impact on today’s world. What would you do without your phone or computer for a day, week, or month? Is pretty much something to think about. Technology in today's world, is making it easier for us to become lazy. When I was younger, I didn’t have a smartphone. I had a regular old flip phone, where the only thing you can do is call, and answer. Technology has a negative impact on our society today with the following such as lack of social skills/social bonds, lack of focusing on what's important, and health problems. Many people would to rather talk to each other through words such as text messages other than face-to-face. Many people makes the decision to lose out on social skills/social bonds. Some young adults today don’t know the real meaning of social skills, they rather hide behind a screen to communicate. Naomi S. Baron says that she is not in favor of electronic communications than being for them. Naomi also stated that without reading, people failure out on appreciated information. While reading, people are more likely to find other stimulating material they may want to study. Children in today’s world are losing the ability to be a kid due to technology. For example, my little brother is eight years old, instead of him coming home doing his homework, riding his bike, or playing with the neighborhood kids, he runs straight to his tablet. Some

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