Negative Effects Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a memorable event which impacted individuals and brought the 13 colonies independence and the opportunity to unify themselves in order to coexist as one body which would eventually be called “The United States”. Religion is an important part of this era as well as everything else that occurred. Being a Protestant and believing in the Christian values was considered “normal” and if anyone was of different belief, they were usually shunned. Many non-Protestants, including immigrants, were negatively affected during the American Revolution. Although at a glance it may seem that the American Revolution was nothing but beneficial, non-Protestants suffered during this time. In this paper, we will explain that non-Protestants and religious dissenters did not benefit from the American Revolution. A way non-Protestants were negatively impacted during the American Revolution is that they were forced to acknowledge the Christian bible before taking a seat if they held a spot in office. In the first document titled “Petition of Philadelphia Synagogue”, non-Protestants, more specifically Jews, spoke up against having to acknowledge Christian beliefs while they were in office. They pointed out how in one of the articles it stated, “no man should be deprived of his citizen rights based on religious beliefs”, but the requirement for acknowledging the Christian scriptures did just that. This was unfair and went against their rights because they did not believe
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