Negative Effects Of The French And Indian War

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When history is taught, students learn mostly about the wars, and some famous battles in it. Sometimes, however, it is the result of the war that is the most devastating. The French and Indian War left a negative impact on the colonies and Britain. It impacted ideological relations, economic relations, and political relations negatively. These reasons chow that the French and Indian War left a negative impact on Britain and the colonies. The ideological relations were changed in a negative way due to the war, Before the war started, it was clear England and the colonies had respect for one another, ad Washington says in document C, that it would be an honor to serve under General Braddock, an esteemed general in the British army. Although, as the war went on, ideas about strategy that the colonists had, conflicted with Britain’s plan. For example, when Washington saes that the army should fight like the indians, and use guerilla warfare, BRaddock laughs at his face and insults him by calling him a provincial colonist. This illustrates the point that as the war started, the two countries did not seem that different, but as the fighting went on longer, the experiences the colonists had with the indians differed from England’s, causing ideological turmoil. Also, because the colonists thought they were unified in a “people’s army”, they saw that the way to fight in battle was to use teamwork, rather than be commanded by a tyrannical general, in the same formation. This caused

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