Negative Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution is thought to be one of the most significant events that led to advances in technology. It was a pivotal time in history that let too many changes in the way Americans lived. The United States became a better, more industrialized society after the Civil War. After the Civil War, Industrialization had both positive and negative impacts on the way society, the economy, and politics were between 1865 and 1920.
Advancements made during the Industrial Revolution led to a major shift in society. Before industrialization, America relied mostly on agriculture, which made most of America a rural area. Advancements in machines drove to many factories being built. This also led to farmers leaving the farm life and going to work in the factories. With an increase in factories and a decrease in farms, America shifted from rural to more urban. People began to migrate to the city to be closer to the factories, where they could find work. America's agricultural economy shifted towards a more industrial economy.
America's economy took a significant turn during the Industrial Revolution as well. The production of goods made a notable increase due to the advancements in machines and more factories. Transportation was also making progress which led to an increase in the railroad industry. Starting in 1860 there were 30,000 miles of track; this rose to 250,000 miles of track by 1910. Miles of railroad opened up new markets across America for businesses. The increase in
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