Negative Effects Of The Internet

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Contrary to popular belief, Americans physically exert themselves everyday- they surf the Internet! Yes, millions of people have access to this indispensable tool of information. The Internet is an important facet of our lives as it has woven us all together in a vast web of communication. As the ubiquity of the Internet pervades, numerous people are given the opportunity to step inside this virtual world and discover the impossible. However, have you ever taken a moment to ruminate on the negative effects of this invention? While I do believe the Internet has helped us in some marvelous ways, I also think today's society has succumbed to this insidious creation's enticing ways. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Internet is an astonishing environment that has captivated us through its use of imagery, sounds and words. These things have enveloped us into a world of information that ameliorates people's comprehension of things that they have never thought about before. Furthermore, communication has been another product of the internet: people are now able to connect with one another from all over the globe, allowing individuals to gain a more critical understanding of the multifariousness of cultures. Other benefits might include speedy information dissemination, saving of time, business opportunities, entertainment and more. Even though these factors may corroborate the internet as a good thing, it has several deleterious effects as well. According to a study, 6% of the
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