Negative Effects Of The Pol Pot Regime

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Prior to the history of the Pol Pot Regime that occurred in Cambodia, there were many conflicts that sparked within the government. In April 1975, Cambodia’s government had gone through significant drastic changes, and many of the citizens were forced to leave their own lifestyles.1 The importance of a changing government could be seen as crucial because during this time period, government reformations created a negative impact towards the citizens. “The Khmer Rouge were Maoist forces led by Pol Pot in Cambodia during the reign of terror that lasted from 1975 to 1979.” 2 It was a terrifying sight of exhausted victims, eyes widened with fear, arms and necks chained with bruises marking their features.3 Many of the children and parents had to endure endless harsh labor daily, while suffering exhaustion and limited sources of food.4

While enduring constant hard labor with limited food and improper nutrition, everyone in my village suffered exhaustion and looked like a walking skeleton, skinny and pale. Complaining
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22 The suffering and hardships that these survivors have gone through would be considered significant because it shows the large effects that had occurred after the governance. This would also be parallel to the Industrial Revolution in 1760 because although the country was striving for mass production of goods and boosted economy, many citizens suffered because the working conditions weren’t as developed and the living conditions had become poorer due to factory and waste pollution, similar to what had happened in

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