Negative Effects Of The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem witch trials were a time of pure hysteria and instability during the late 1600s. During this time in history there were many accusations of witchcraft going through town, and it caused a lot of panic for all parties involved. There were more than 200 accusations, and approximately 20 were killed for being accused of witchcraft. Witches were thought to be followers of satan, and cast spells of the devil onto other people. Many accusations during this time were based on nothing more than resentment between the groups of people; many accused another to gain power within the community. During the Salem witch trials it really showed that the legal system in Salem was very misconstructed, and that there was change that needed to happen. There were many factors that all combined into one that created the Salem witch trials; this event in history negatively affected the community of Salem and all of the members living there. Gender roles, political structure, and the fact that this event in history was all based on accusations generated the negative effects and pain on the colony of Salem.
A large part of the problem is the way gender was viewed during this time, and it played a huge part in how during this time of the Salem witch trials it caused a lot of negative affects. Stated in the book “Most were women beyond childbearing age who were outspoken, economically independent, of estranged from their husbands or who in other ways violated traditional gender norms.”
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