Negative Effects Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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Following the end of the First World War in 1918, the treaty of Versailles was drawn up with a goal to obtain lasting peace in Europe. “The Big Three,” British Prime minister, Lloyd George, French Prime Minister, George Clemenceau, and American president, Woodrow Wilson met to finalize the agreement. Without input from the Central powers, the treaty largely villainized Germany and Austria Hungary for the war's devastation. The Treaty of Versailles, a flawed document, failed to diminish Germany’s resurgence and yielded a resentful nation. (Treaty of Versailles -- an Overview). The agreement stripped Germany of its colonies, devastated its economy, disarmed its military, as well as charged the nation with full blame for the conflict. (For further consideration).…show more content…
Just four years after the treaty's ratification, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party seized power, promising to punish the allied nations for the fall of Germany. In 1936, the Nazis occupied Rhineland, which violated the treaty that demanded its demilitarization. By endorsing Germany's possession of the Rhine, the treaty of Versailles allowed Germany the opportunity to evolve into a major military power in the future. ( Perhaps the most difficult condition for Germany to accept was responsibility for the war, as it was a nationalistic people. (For further consideration). Along with this, after losing its global territory, Germany was no longer considered a world power to the same extent as France and Great Britain. Germany’s wounded ego was cause for a vengeful people seeking to rekindle the fatherland’s greatness. The prideful nation’s humiliation warranted a lasting legacy of anger. (The Treaty of Versailles - an Overview). It is likely that alternate treaty outcomes may have established peace in Europe more permanently than the Treaty of Versaille. For example, Germany could have been returned to what it was in earlier years, which included smaller independent states.
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