Negative Effects Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War brought an immense amount of tension and anger to the United States. Many innocent lives of both Americans and Vietnam citizens were taken during the Vietnam War. The war affected the United States in a predominately negative way. The spread of media, multiple bombings, and distress in America caused such tribulation. Consequently, the Vietnam War caused more harm than help to South Vietnam, as well as the United States.

Media emerged as a major factor in people’s opinion on the war. The media showed photographs of wounded soldiers on stretchers in Vietnam. Photograph and videos were shown to citizens, giving them a new perspective on what was really happening in the war. Even videos of napalm drops were recorded and Americans were finally able to view the reality of the war. Americans were shocked to realize that this is what soldiers dealt with in Vietnam. Americans were also able to see the environment that the soldiers had to live in as well. Vietnam was a jungle environment, which was extremely unfamiliar to Americans. The United States participated in multiple bombings throughout the course of the war. Operation “Rolling Thunder” contributed to a majority of these deaths. Operation “Rolling Thunder” was initiated by President Lyndon B. Johnson. This sustained bombing of North Vietnam caused over 900 U.S. aircrafts to be destroyed. Many Americans were killed as well. This bombing was put into effect to hopefully get the North to stop supplying the
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