Negative Effects Of Veganism

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The Effects of Veganism

Veganism is not only considered a diet, but also a lifestyle. It consists of not consuming or using any animal products or by products. Such items include anything from meat and eggs, to leather and honey. Some people choose to go vegan for many different reasons because there are positive and negative affects. Veganism can affect the body in many different ways. According to an article on, approximately 2.5% of Americans are vegan. These numbers have actually doubled since previous years. This is because people have realized it is not as hard to become vegan as one might think. David Cain had done an experiment where he was going to see the affects of going vegan after 30 days of being vegan. Whilst
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According to an article on, a study done by Loma Linda University that was supported by the National Cancer Institute showed that vegan woman has 34% lower rates of cancer, such as breast cancer. Another study done showed that woman on a plant based diet could fight off three different types of breast cancer. They found the same results in men, but instead with prostate cancer.
Although going vegan can reduce some types of cancer, it can also increase the possibility of other cancers. The vegan diet can cause a lack of vitamin D, vitamin B12, and omega-3. According to, vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of stage III cancer. Also, in the article, Charlene Laino talks about how a new study shows the three fourths of people with various cancers have vitamin D deficiency. Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disease, which can affect the normal functions of the human body due to lesions on nerve cells. There is no real cure for MS but doctors tend to lean towards a low fat diet to treat their patients, such as Roy Swank. Swank is a doctor who treated many patients with MS. He found that putting them on a low fat diet helped the best. The diet being prescribed is a vegan diet. The only difference is that vegans tend to lean towards high saturated fats such a coconut milk
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